Let’s go and wash the garments at daybreak: I will go with you to help, so you can have it done without delay, for you won’t be long unwed.
- Homer, Odyssey

Blue on blue is a sonic interrogation of the representation of the female voice in popular and devotional music. Invoking three reimagined characters from Homer's Odyssey, Lizzy Laurance builds cycles of overlapping song-landscape. Encircling the fabled point of origin of Western artistic production, Laurance's voices yearn for and fail to find their own aesthetic ground, competing with each other in a cultural terrain that demands singularity, authenticity and originary truth.

Lizzy Laurance is a composer and producer of electronic music. Her work explores gender and subjectivity, embodiment, and the relationship between collectivity, technology and the transcendental. She works mainly with voice and song-forms so create pieces that are fragile, complex and intricately textured.