David Micheaud

Open 10th January - 26th January 2020
Did you ask for a power station? Do you want to live next to a power station?

David Micheaud presents a body of paintings exploring our acceptance of the buildings around us. How we allow them to exist. Or how they are thrust upon us.


These are observations from around a studio I moved to in South Bermondsey about 18 months ago and each of the three stations around there are at least a 10 minute walk depending on which direction I’m coming in from New Cross Gate, Surrey Quays and South Bermondsey. The SELCHP power station chimney became my guiding beacon to get to the studio, a pivot or fulcrum of my life, in an area I was unfamiliar with. I was struck by the giant totem, photographing it at different times of day, out of whimsy at first, it was always lit in a new dramatically different way, with the buildings around adding context to its isolation.

I looked around more and saw all the dilapidated warehouses the wasteland between railway tracks and the cleared out arches ready for the trendy breweries. I realised this landscape was going to change and the SELCHP chimney will be the only thing I recognise.